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GLACIER FRESH Water Filter Faucet Replacement for Brita 36311 On Tap Water Filter, Compatible with FR-200, 2 Packs

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GLACIER FRESH 36311 tap water filter systems fit brita standard faucets only. These units do not fit pullout or spray style faucets.

Tap water filters are BPA-free and are designed to last for up to 4 months or 100 gallons.

Water faucet Filters replacement can replace up to 750 standard 16.9 Oz plastic water bottles.

Just slide your replacement filter into the faucet mount until it clicks and runs your tap for 5 minutes.

Compatible with Brita 36311 faucet filter, 36312 Tap Water Filter, FF-100, FR-200 replacement filter, 10060258356189 35618 Tap Water Filtration System, 7540545
On Tap Faucet Filter System, COMINHKR063772 Tap Water Filtration System.

Manufacturer Glacierfresh

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Average Rating: 4 based on 97 Customer Reviews
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  • By Mary-Angela Cantone

    2021-10-10 11:06:00
    Would buy again
    Works just as well as Britta but at a more reasonable price.

    2021-10-09 11:06:00
    It tastes fine and so I think it is doing its job well.
    We do not like the taste of just tap water so we only drink filtered water. It tastes much better and we use it for our salt water fish tank too.
  • By Customer

    2021-09-26 20:13:00
    Great alternative to pricey filter replacement
    Our office is happy with the filter replacement. Water tastes the same as with the Brita filter. It has better flow rate than the Brita as well and there are no leaks. The original Brita filter leaked. We have the current (2019) on tap filter system.
  • By sudie gelok

    2021-09-26 01:15:00
    Works great and great price
    Have used these type filters for a few years. The is absolutely the best at the best price I have found. It works so well, I tested with a glass of water left to sit to determine if it was really filtering the water. It is still clear after several days.
  • By Pam Strickland

    2021-09-26 01:15:00
    great price
    You can not tell that it is not a Brita product. It works like the Brita filters we have used.
  • By Kainoa

    2021-09-25 11:11:00
    You should subscribe
    For my sink, this particular filter has high pressure which I like because when I’m thirsty I don’t want to wait very long for my drink. It’s a simple plug&play.
  • By Tim in Frisco TX

    2021-09-20 11:32:00
    These filters can be hard to find locally. I like the added protection from water bourne nasties! I bought two 2-packs...that should last through the end of the year. Here in Texas, I have locally supplied well well supports 150+ homes. They do what they can for safety and legal standards, but I like to add filters to my fridge and faucet.
  • By Frank

    2021-09-12 11:11:00
    Some or the ads show the wrong filter, and what you get wont fit into the faucet slot
  • By Rickey Bowling

    2021-09-10 20:13:00
    Thank You
    Great savings
  • By Mary House

    2021-09-06 11:32:00
    Easy - peasy solution for 'good taste'!
    I live in a city where the very hard water just does not taste well. Living in an apartment, I'd buy 4 or so cases of water at a time. I bought a Brita water filter last year and an extra filter. Now I needed new filters. Saw the Aqua Crest filters, thought why not buy them. They came. I took one out and put it on the Brita. Easy - peasy. And I am an arthritic 71 year old! Flavor is good. I can drink down a glass of tap water and enjoy it!