Quality Ice Maker Water Filters At The Best Prices!

With Pureza Ice Maker Water Filters, you can offer your customers excellent quality ice cubes and extended maintenance cycles for their ice machine.
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Hi, I’m Michael, the mind behind Pureza.
I have been the mind behind the design and development of ice maker water filters for 8 years! As I have tremendous experience, I present you this guide to help you find out if these filters are right for your business. So, please read on by clicking on the links below!
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Pureza the ultimate guide to ice maker filters

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Why Choose Pureza Ice Maker Water Filter?

Pureza has been in the water filter manufacturing industry for over 8 years. Our expertise has allowed us to set up a robust infrastructure earning $100 million in annual sales.

If you are looking for crystal clear ice cubes from your refrigerator, look no further than Pureza ice maker water filters. Our experts use the best materials procured from overseas locations to make the filters for you. You can talk to our experts on a zoom inspection call as we do not promote actual factory inspection due to COVID restrictions.

Factory prices: You get the best quality ice maker water filters at factory prices.
Authorized and certified: most Pureza water filters are tested per NSF 42 and 53 specifications authorized for labs under IAPMO.
After-sales services: Pureza doesn't stop at just supplying you with the inventory. We also provide after-sales services.
Fast delivery: Get your ice maker water filters order delivered directly from our overseas warehouses.
Fast and responsive: We are extremely fast. Contact us, and we will respond ASAP.
Want to know how we can do business? Let's talk!
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In addition to our Ice Maker Water Filters, we also manufacture various other water filtration solutions. Some of the most notable ones include:
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If we talk about our products, we are super strict in the production process. We ensure that the material that we use is sourced from the best locations. We source the coconut shells from Sri Lanka and make the ice maker water filters from activated carbon produced from it. Thus, keeping the quality of the filters to the maximum.

Need attractive packaging for your audience? We have you covered! Our team can deliver stunning or unobtrusive designs for your products. Although, it would take us some time. Further, you can also avail of our branding services.

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Manufacturing Ice Maker Water Filters - The Process

Pureza understands the complications regarding the manufacturing of ice maker water filters. This is why our filters go through 34 production processes.

  • The shell receives the polypropylene plastic through injection molding.
  • The filter contains carbon rods, with the top and bottom covers joined together. It prevents any water leakage.
  • The main body is then welded with carbon rods using a hot spin welding machine.
  • The body of the filter receives a rubber seal to prevent water leakage during use.
  • The filter is then tested for air-tightness via 6 Kg of air pressure.
  • The final product is cleaned. Then, a self-adhesive is pasted on top.
  • Heat-shrinkable packaging is added over the filter to ensure cleanliness.
  • Lastly, the packaging label is pasted on the filter.


Financial Overview of Ice Maker Water Filters

Our product costs are transparent. Here is a breakdown of all that goes into delivering high-quality ice maker water filters directly to you.
Design Fee
You pay extra charges if you wish to design an entirely new water filter.
Miscellaneous Fee
Any additional fees such as taxes, late fees, and penalties constitute these fees.
Shipping Fee
This fee involves the cost of transporting your order from the factory to your desired location.
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Sample Product Fee
Samples cost more per piece to ship when compared to bulk orders.
Upfront Cost
You have to pay at least 30% of the total amount paid upfront when placing an order.
Final Product Cost
When your order is ready to ship, the remaining amount has to be paid. It is usually 70% of the total bill.

The Expected Manufacturing and Shipping Time

At Pureza, the manufacturing and shipping times are kept as brief as possible. You can find a breakdown of the same below:
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Design and Manufacturing Time

This process involves designing the filters, procuring the necessary materials, and manufacturing the batch.

Packing and Boxing All Products Time

This is the time required for preparing the packages for their respective orders.
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Custom Clearance and Loading Time

The ice maker water filters are loaded after clearing custom inspections and are ready to reach the designated dispatch points.
17-Pureza shipping and transportation

Sea and Land Transportation Time

We'll update you on the status of the inventory. You can expect a message from us on arrival.

The whole process of wholesale water filters

The production process of ice maker water filters does not start until we get a clear idea of your needs. Check out our process to manufacture ice maker water filters!
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Inquiry and Quotation

We study your requirements and provide you with an apt quotation.

Producing Samples

If you wish to inspect the quality of our ice maker water filters, we can provide samples for your perusal.

Package Designing

This step involves designing the package of the water filters.

Mass Production

The mass production of ice maker water filters commences past the designing process.


Your water filter order is packed and shipped when the production process is complete.


The packages are sent via sea and road to their respective locations.


Finally, your orders are delivered to you at the preferred location.

Additional Details About Ice Maker Water Filters

To save you from worries, here are some facts you need to know about our wax supplies:

What's your primary market?

We export all over the world, and now our main markets are Australia, America, and Europe.

What am I supposed to do if my wholesale order delays?

If your order is late for more than a week, email Pureza customer care on the website to be assisted further.

Kindly note that sometimes the orders can delay because of unavoidable circumstances. Just be patient and we will let you know if there is a valid reason for the delay.

What are your delivery terms?

We will ship out unit by DHL,Fedex, UPS,etc (Door to Door Service), around 5-7 days to arrive.

Or by Air to your airport (Door to Airport Service ), around 3-5 days to arrive.

Or by Sea to the seaport, Minimum CBM requirement : 1 CBM, around 30days to arrive.

How long does it take for me to receive the goods that I've ordered?

Usually within 3 weeks if no customization on the products, but It may take up to 60 working days if the shipping company stock in trouble.

How can I get the quotation?

We usually quote within 24 hours after receiving your inquiry(Except weekends and holidays). If you urgently want the price, please email us or contact us in other ways so that we can offer you a quote.

Why Pureza refrigerator water fitlers?

Pureza filters are manufactured keeping in mind international regulations and certifications. Most products have passed NSF/ANSI 42, 372, 53, and 401, IAPMO, Dun & Bradstreet certification, and are SA8000 certified. Our eco-friendly filters utilize activated Carbon Block as a filtration medium. And we have 100% genuine natural activated carbon, provide full support, competitive price, and customized on demand.

Launch Your Ice Maker Water Filter Business?

Have a look at how some of our clients perceive our goods and services:

I went to Pureza to buy wholesale water filters for sale some time back, and I was really pleased with their fast service and their gentleness with customers.

They are so friendly, and they even offered to transport the products to my shop, which was not very far from the company’s manufacturing factory. Thank you for that!

Helen McCarthyfrom U.K.

Michael pitched to me about their amazing refrigerator water filters, and I just had to check them out. I bought several for home use, and guests coming to my home cannot stop asking me where I got them from.

These are just masterpieces! They appeal to everybody’s eyes.

Damian Rugurufrom Kenya

I bought several for home use, and guests coming to my home cannot stop asking me where I got them from. These are just masterpieces! They appeal to everybody’s eyes.

I’ve been selling and using their water filters for 8 years now, and I was never even once disappointed! Keep it up, Pureza!

Abigail Bridgefrom Canada